Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

Having said that, it is a little harder to listen to music while you swim. When the speakers blaring music muffles the sound when you are under water, and surely you can not hear music while in the water, because of all the sketches.

Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

You don’t want to take any mp3 player 32 gb for swimming or, because we all know what happens with these! Bleeeep van, and then die!

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The MP3 Player Submarine Finis Neptune

Of all the mp3 players waterproof that are out there, if I had to choose one to be the best choice, Finis Neptune would win by a landslide. Why? Why is the only mp3 player that swimmers do not have to worry about those pesky headphones that fall from the ears.

The way these things work is transmitting the music to your ears to bone conduction. Both have “Cheek-phone?” which is attached to the mask and the sound is transmitted to the speaker, traveling across her cheeks and beautiful ears.

If you do not recognize the problem of finding a set of headphones that can be used underwater, I understand. The ears and auditory canals are all different in size and wise way. For example, I can not carry headphones that they poke in the ear canal, they are just constantly escaping. Therefore, I have to carry both handsets (which actually sit outside the ear canal) or headphones (that cover the entire ear).

Now, if you’re like me, you are definitely not going to try to find headphones that will be used in the water, if you can’t even use them in normal circumstances. Even if you use in-ear headphones on a daily basis, two things to keep in mind is, (a) headphones waterproof tend to slip in easily during a routine of swimming, and (b) who are going to want a pair that prevents even the water enters the ear canal. The reason why is that once the water gets between the eardrum and the headphones, the distortion of the sound will be very difficult to get any satisfaction from their music, and you won’t want to leave the pool ears occasionally dry, both!

Thus, one can understand why the advantage of not having to deal with headphones is enough reason for this mp3 player is the number one among the bathers. Now, for those of you who are still looking for something different, take a look at other options that we have!

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Pyle Neckband Headphone MP3 Player Waterproof

If you are not sure that Finis Neptune mp3 player, here is a great mp3 player to be considered. The headphones Pyle waterproof neck band is a great design, in view of the fact that require headphones.Through the headphones out of your ears, the whole was forced to leave.

The quality of the sound of this pair is semi-simpatica as possible. What I mean is that they are not the type that is going to hear when, for example, the task or simply “rocking”, due to the bass and treble are not beside a pair of headphones $100 more. However, if you want to break the boring monotony of swimming laps, this will do.

In terms of whether or not the headphones fit, Pyle waterproof mp3 player comes with 6 different pairs, 3 for normal use and 3 for use when swimming. Each of the 2 groups of 3 pairs are available in different sizes, small, medium and large. So you’ll have to do what is best.

If none of them fit perfectly, I advise you to send it back and try another pair, because once again, one of the tips that get wet, will not have near the quality of sound as they did before.

If by chance you do not is wet, don’t worry, that they are not damaged permanently. Once dry, they are like new!

The Waterproof Ipod Shuffle

You will notice that none of these mp3 players compatible with the native format of the Apple music. If you have a llot of Apple music, you’ll have to convert music to MP3 to use Neptune or the Pyle waterproof music player. If you don’t want to go through this chaos, there is another option, the waterproof ipod shuffle Waterfi.

It is basically an iPod shuffle Waterfi normal bought, take it and cover with two layers of some kind of substance that protects electrical components inside, so it is essentially waterproof. It’s a sort of two-step process and they aren’t quite sure how do them it. However, it is an iPod shuffle that was sealed by a secondary company.

The technology is good, and waterproofing process works. However, the main complaint that I have is new, the headphones. However, many people have bought these iPod and I am very happy with them, so if you want to try to find some hearing aids truly waterproof, does not blame you! Therefore, that the subject of my next article will be waterproof headphones.

A Case For Ipod Shuffle

If by chance you already have an iPod shuffle and not want to buy a different only for swimming, here is a case of iPod shuffle. The case itself looks good, and has a clip that can be attached to you Goggle strap.

It is enough for now that will be! Very soon I will write another article on waterproof headphones, because sometimes, those that come with the waterproof music player does not fit, or they are not so large as to the quality of the sound that comes out of them. So I hope to be able to help these unfortunate buyers to solve your problem. I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to add in the comments section. Thanks for reading, and happy swimming!