We Tested the Multisensory Plush Cloud B and Three Raffle!

Cloud b is a brand that I met four years ago. It is one of my favorites for infants and children. To us we love stuffed animals already, but is that the Cloud b are created for more than just embrace them. They have done many studies with pediatricians and parents and are specialists in childish dream. Products from Cloud b are designed to offer the children dream of quality. The key is to relax your senses, therefore focusing on the creation of views, as well as peaceful and relaxing sounds to help babies and kids to relax and sleep. We at home have had the Original Planetarium turtle (Twilight Turtle™) when Jorge was very small. Still have her in bed and projected each night the stars in your room. I also had to Valentina the sheep sleep (Sleep Sheep™) that I used it to ease it into the changer. He began to cry and as soon as put you the sound of the waves of the sea, the rain in spring or whale songs, he opened the eyes and smiled. It was holy hand. Now this little sheep is intelligent and is capable of activating when the kids in the cradle move or are uneasy. But keep reading to discover all products that have known and you can see in our video.

We Tested the Multisensory Plush Cloud B and Three Raffle!

They divide this toy in sight, hearing and multi-sensory. They are very good and long-lasting products. Our Original Planetarium turtle carries more than four years to resist blows and falls from the top of the bed. I think that I changed only the batteries once and put it every night!

For George has always been more than just a light night, your dark room has become a magical place full of stars. When my nephew saw her one night (is 13 years old) asked me that he gave one to him also. So I can say that Cloud Teddies b have no age. Perhaps there is some such as sheep that helps calm babies, but get their sound while you give you a relaxing bath! Or music, or anything

As you can see in the video we have tested the Blue quiet sea turtle (Tranquil Turtle™ – Aqua). This combines the functions of sight and sound, i.e. projects kind underwater images and reproduces the soothing sounds of the sea. This contributes to a serene dream space. Its shell glistens with a lovely aquamarine.

You also have it in Lilac (Tranquil Turtle™ – Ocean). Both have 2 soothing sounds, a quiet melody, or the sound of the waves of the ocean. The good thing is that they have a light timer which lasts 23 minutes and thus guarantees silence and darkness complete during deep sleep of the child. This is recommended by pediatricians. The two melodies have 6 adjustable volume levels.

Peaceful frog (Tranquil Frog™) we liked. It is similar to the turtles. This frog projected on the ceiling of the room a green light that emulates the effect of water, relaxes the children (and adults ;-)) and helps you sleep.) It also has 2 soothing sounds, a quiet melody and the sound of the waves of the ocean. And the timer is 23 minutes.

Ladybug Planetarium Rosa (Twilight Ladybug – Pink™) now sleeps in the crib of Valentina. This beautiful soothing escarabajito offers the same relaxing effect as our Original Planetarium turtle that is in many colors. Projected stars on the ceiling or on the wall of the room in three colours: Blue Sapphire, emerald or Ruby red. It is ideal to relieve the fear of darkness. But the nicest thing is that it projects actual star constellations. In fact it goes with a book that guides you to helping you identify the Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, etc. Hard timer 45 minutes is the estimated time to complete the deep sleep of the child, according to pediatricians.

And in terms of sound products, the star is the Sleep sheep (Sleep Sheep™ Smart Sensor), as I told you now has smart sensor. When the baby gets scared, he gets nervous, the sensor operates and starts a relaxing background noise. It serves to relieve your baby when it cries or sleeping peacefully. To my I love your sounds. For example, the heartbeat of a mother, the rain in spring, the waves of the sea and whale songs.

Cloud B has many more precious animals from chameleons to Koalas, owls or starfish. You can discover them all on their website from which you can also buy online and through their social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have a lot of international awards and no wonder because they are excellent products that for years I recommend.

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