Wedding Dresses with Veil

Most of the brides get married in white as a symbol of innocence and purity. But it was not always thus: this tradition dates back to the 6th century, since before the girls preferred to the silver-colored, until Queen Victoria imposed the new trend.

Each culture look colors with a particular meaning, in the cultures of the West is considered white as a symbol of purity, whereas for Islam it is black. In Japan the color that predominates is red.

The veil symbolizes modesty and innocence of the bride, hence its color, although in some places used blue as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. Many brides do not wear veil for convenience, but if you take it you’ll see that there are veils in a variety of styles, shapes and lengths. Choose the appropriate will depend on the style and formality of your dress and ceremony.

There are several types of veil, we have short, type Chapel, Cathedral, long up to the elbow, long up to fingers, type Waltz, mantilla, of double-sided and Russian, among Eningbo.

So I leave a set of very beautiful images to give you an idea of the veil that you are using at that time so special and sounded like it is your wedding.