What is GSM System

This is the first digital mobile phone system is put into operation in Italy.

What is GSM System

The advantages of digital GSM system on the old type the so called analogue ETACS system that preceded it are many, of these, primarily are:

The ability to detect and correct errors of transmission over the air.

Almost complete immunity to interferences, whereby the transmission is cleaner.

Accordingly, the possibility of a lower signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) which means you can convey with lower power and frequency reuse a short distance and then, ultimately, the possibility of having the same territory more users and more useful for the company.

The use of digital modulations using GSM, also allows even data transmission, for the FAX, for the connection between computers, with INTERNET and with databases to create a large number of services.

We guarantee the confidentiality of telephone transmission because these take place in code and not clear as they did in the ETACS. So if you intercepted the transmission of an ETACS, you listened entirely clear, while if you intercept the transmission of a GSM you only hear a sequence of bits encoded without any apparent logical connection because the code is known only to the transmitter and receiver and frequency changes continuously.

Ability to customize the card SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) that stores the data of the owner and can be used with any other phone type GSM.