What Is My Body Type

Meet our body type is critical to determine which are the pieces of clothing that most favor our ways, which become indispensable accessories to favor certain areas and which we must put aside when the goal is to hide any problem area.

When we have clear which group belongs to our silhouette, will be much easier to choose the most suitable clothes for us. However, many women do not know the usual ratings don’t even know where to start; If this is your case, this article will resolve your doubts. Find out what your body type and how to make it great.

Triangle or Pear Body

The body of triangle, also known as pera’s body, presents the following characteristics:

  • Shoulders narrower than the hips.
  • Small breasts.
  • Waist marked.
  • Wide hips and rounded.

In this type of body, most of the fat is located in the area of the hips, glutes and thighs, while the top is narrower and not have so much fat accumulated, so these figures are similarity with that of a pear. Some celebrities with this body type are Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce.

As for the choice of clothes is recommended to use colors that will reduce the size and hide the proportions at the bottom, such as black or navy blue, and choose tones that extend to the top, like white or bright colors. Straight cut pants are ideal to cover the hips; Likewise it is recommended to avoid the skirts and dresses with pleats and opt for straight models and tagged at the waist, which will help to focus attention on their lower zone, obscuring the wider. Avoid skirts and pants with large prints, especially with horizontal stripes which extend its silhouette.

Inverted Triangle Body

In the inverted triangle body proportions are unlike the previous figure, with the following characteristics:

  • Shoulders and back.
  • Bust too wide but not always plentiful.
  • With little waist definition.
  • Hips and buttocks.

Is a very common in swimmers, gymnasts and athletes; famous as Sarah Jessica Parker or the Princess of Monaco Cherlene rely on this kind of silhouette.

In choosing the clothes is important don’t emphasize the shoulders and the widest part of the body, so it should be avoided the shirts and blouses, suspenders, sleeveless straight cuts more known as “strapless”, the shoulder pads and any detail in this area as ties, fasteners, etc. Similarly, cutting pants at the waist are not recommended because it accentuates the lack of gluteal. The skirts and dresses with pleats are ideal for this type of bodies because the balanced silhouette; also recommended are the pants with hip cuts and shirts or t-shirts with V neckline.

Avoid large prints at the top and horizontal stripes, because it will increase the size of your back. Prefer trousers with a cut a little wide at the hips, which can give more balance to your silhouette.