What Sports Bra to Choose?

You are looking for a sports bra that ensures comfort and optimal maintenance? Depending on the sport, your chest and your budget, you might need a model quite different from that of your best friend. Focus on the different types of sports bra…

Sport: do I necessarily wear a suitable bra?

Yes. Even if you have a small chest, this does not exempt you from wearing a bra during exercise. Sports bras are indeed supporting the breasts very differently from a conventional bra. The maintenance is spread over the entire surface of the bra, not just by reinforcements and braces for example. Namely: the breasts are not muscles, but a gland surrounded by a mass of fat. They are connected to the pectoral muscles by a ligament and the skin. At each attempt more or less violent, they suffer from shock, and must bear up to five times their own weight.

When they are repeated without breast is properly maintained, can appear blue, and the breasts lose their shapely. They may sag prematurely. Prevention is better than cure!

What sports bra is right for me?

Over the effort is intense, the better your sports bra should be efficient. There were several layers of maintenance, which correspond to the types of sport. They are usually measured on a scale from 1 to 5. For medium intensity sports such as walking, climbing, yoga or running, a bra or sports bra from Janesportsbra.com are sufficient. The race, athletics, mountain biking, horseback riding, being zumba or fitness require, not surprisingly, a bra at maximum restraint. Whether you have a small chest or on the contrary a generous cap, prefer cuts in X or Y. These are sports bras with straps crossed in the back or racer back. More stable, they also allow great freedom of movement.

Sports bra: how to buy?

First mistake to avoid: buy your too small sports bra thinking that better support your breasts. It is essential to choose a model in your size! If you have the impression of not really knowing your breast size , this is the time to discover it! Sports bras without seams are more comfortable: no risk of chafing. It proscribes absolutely whales: risk of injury!Practices, models that are closed at the front. Also make sure that the fabric between the cups do “floats” no. There has to touch your skin there. If you have a strong chest, focus on wide straps. Important criterion, finally: matter. It must be breathable to reduce perspiration and skin irritation. Locate the label declarations.