When Freedom Sends the Other to Shut Up

Tadeu Schmidt to have Twitter, but hardly uses. The revelation came as the journalist and presenter of TV Globo was an emcee nozzle in TEDxSudeste, in Rio de Janeiro. Humorous, fun, delighted with the lectures and well led the event. At that moment, he could not imagine that all this mobilization force, which in the event was shown powerful to disseminate art, technology, quality of life and social inclusion in a short time would be used to send him to shut up.

Tadeu came gallate a giant fight: the Brazilian national team, TV Globo (symbolizing all the power of the press) and “Public Opinion,” exalted and volatile woman. It started with the basic ingredients of viral-that-has-right: a personality that everyone knows (thanks to mass media), an extreme feeling around that celebrity (if rejection, better, if it is hate, better double), one Twitter and some creative, talented and with time people. Ready: born a “shut up Galvao”.

It makes no sense to waste time evaluating whether the “shut up Galvao” is a waste of time, it is a waste of energy around a futile cause or if it’s a brilliant and fun proof of Brazilian creativity (or all of the above). One of the phrases I saw floating through Twitter and defined the phenomenon: it was the largest inside joke ever made (in this case, internal to an entire country).

Cala Boca is a # Corrao on national television. A phenomenon that came out of the mass media, went to the internets and returned to the mass media. And that has benefited from the rules for determining what’s trending on Twitter or not. And that realimentou the old rule of networks, from the rich to get richer.

Then he left for Tadeu. In war declared between the coach Dunga and TV Globo (or against the press in general), he was in the firing line. Elected spokesman of an editorial of the station against the coach, who had allegedly insulted a house reporter during a press conference, he was the target of a viral parasite. Viral parasites are those rejoinders social earthquakes. Viraizinhos that arise piggybacking on models and content issues that really bombaram. Cala Boca Tadeu. It is the revolt of irreproachable internet against the all-powerful station that wants to censor the technician who wants to censor journalists. That is, a zone.

In the well – Brazilian line twist to the weakest, hardly Galvão Bueno House will feature some sympathy in duels Dungas Goliath. The curious thing is that in the trending topicsof life and Twitter, the same people who cheer against France Henry Celebrate the-arms-God of Luis Fabiano. The same people who have Galvao close noisemaker (but do not change the channel), do not allow any kind of censorship or attack on freedom of expression (in this case an attack on “freedom” stifle expression. Or vice versa. Or I do not know).

Yes, contradictory. Yes, with exaggerated weights to unimportant things. Yes, creative, fun, authentic. Yes, “we” are a force as the press, as the selection, like everything. Yes, the internet is human. So do not expect justice, do not expect consistency, do not expect a wise use of power. And do not blame freedom.

This freedom – including sending the other to shut up – is the magic of the internet.

Roberto Cassano | I wanted to be a journalist, became curious digital media and have no idea what it is today. At least pay straight. Officially is Director of Strategy at the Agency Frog. Keeps the profile @rcassano on Twitter.