Where to Do CrossFit in Lisbon

2015 was the year of the explosion of CrossFit in Lisbon. All over the city have emerged spaces dedicated to the practice of a modality which has captured fans around the world.

Where to Do CrossFit in Lisbon

The CrossFit is one of the modalities most sought after these days for being, perhaps, the one that results the most promising brings: to lose fat and tone muscles in a few weeks.
The secret of your workout and also your success is based on three key words: functional, varied and high intensity.
Although he was born in 2000, CrossFit is only fashion by here for a little over four years. In recent years the fever of this modality is here to stay-and there are many places where you can practice CrossFit in Lisbon.



In the building indoor multisport Stadium Alvalade XXI century is CrossFit Alvalade. The box created in December of 2013 was born with the passion for CrossFit of your coaches and founders, who set up the space in record time: 3 days.

If you want to burn lots of calories, to overcome all the limits and surpass yourself in every workout that you do, do not miss this box that awaits a team of experienced and qualified ready to assist you in what you need.


In Help was born, in October 2014, the XXI century is CrossFit, one of several sites dedicated to the practice of CrossFit in Lisbon. As the box is in a swimming pool, the space is huge and well organized, with an area to race around the swimming pool, cardio machines at one end of the pool, racks, and rings in the other.

With a typology suitable for the practice of the modality and with a lot of sweat and imagination, the XI CrossFit has dozens of athletes to train in their facilities every day, but there is always room for one more.


On the premises of a former bakery was born one of the first box of Crossfit in Lisbon, hence the reference to its origin in the name.

The The Bakery CrossFit is a dynamic space, where lives the typical spirit of CrossFit. Here the specialty is “kneading” the body” and show people the path to an active and healthy life, by showing them how to achieve their goals through a training of high intensity, varied and functional.

The Bakery Crossfit started in July 2014 and is an idea of Hugo Dominguez, and the television presenter John Manzarra.


Is located inside the estádio do Restelo. The box is quite long and has material quite diverse to help you meet your workout effective and challenging.
The CrossFit Restelo is a good box to train with an environment typical of CrossFit, either by decoration or by the posture of the students, creating a group among themselves.

It is in the Club VII, in Lisbon, next to the end of the stands of the tennis club and has 120m2. Although not gigantic, the box does not have dead spaces, taking advantage of all the corners in order to boost the workouts to the maximum.

In addition to the group classes, the Park CrossFit Box has some open box, where practitioners can train for free, provided that they have the endorsement of the instructors. In spite of the practice not to be guided, there is always a coach present in the room to support the students and make sure that the exercises are performed in safety.

Located in the Street of the Sun to the Mouse, the CrossFit Mouse is the new box of CossFit John Manzarra, after The Bakery CrossFit and the CrossFit Restelo. With a simple decoration but well done, the space is new (opened in October 2015), with lots of light and wood color.
Instead of the typical slate with chalk, where they write the WOD, as well as the names and times of the athletes, this box uses a white board. And, of course, here, you can always count with a team of professional Coaches, attentive and well-arranged.

From the same owners of CrossFit Alvalade, located in their own Alvalade Stadium, CrossFit Alvalade East is certainly the largest box of Lisbon, with 500m2 of area of training, and probably one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.
The space opened in November 2015 and has a great new feature: this box of CrossFit in Lisbon has adapted the sport to the little ones and offers, among its services, the CrossFit Kids.

Modern architecture and very warm, this box is always open to receive new students, regardless of the level at which each is located.
In CrossFit oniria has become part of a community that, in small groups of up to 10 people, or in customized training, strives to 100% in your workouts. In this box, there is no monotony! Each session is different from the previous one, individually developed and monitored by a professional.

Opened in July 2014, in Restelo, and since then this box has played and the mission was proposed: to help improve the overall physical fitness of their students through training in dynamic, varied and intense.
And because CrossFit is an activity for all ages, as well as their benefits, CrossFit 351 has an adaptation of the sport for the little ones, the CrossFit Kids, which makes this box a space for the whole family.


If you are eager to try CrossFit but are afraid you will not be able to do the exercises, do not worry. In the Mega Star CrossFit students begin by making a classroom technique, where they learn all the basic movements of the sport, so that they can have a more rapid progression and safe in practice.

The Box of the Mega Star, located in the gym Mega Star, in Telheiras, account also with an open box, a space where the student can put into practice what you learned in the classroom to CrossFit or improve their performance.