Wikipedia Goes Down [Updated]

When a site has millions of hits coming from all corners of the world, it is expected that the servers that serve the pages are always online or at least always provided with a redundancy scheme, preventing the site gets out of the air. It is at this level that are the servers Google, Microsoft and Wikipedia, for example.

So it’s news when some of these companies neglects and leaves millions of users giving his face a page “Server not found”. And this is the case of Wikipedia, which went off the air this afternoon and until the time of publication of this post already spent almost half an hour without giving a sign of life.

Only three versions of the online encyclopaedia are still accessible to Dutch, Spanish and Russian. Still, its pages appear messy apparently for lack of CSS. The main page,, also remains online, although the CSS also fails to load. It is not known what the cause of the problem, but this post will be updated with more information as soon as possible.

[With information from Mashable]

[Updated at 15:12]: Multiple users on Twitter warn that are able to access Wikipedia without problem. One of them, Raphael Monteiro, even sent one screenshot. Still, most users continue to experience difficulties. And we keep looking for an explanation.

[Updated at 15:44]: According to the Wikimedia Foundation, the company that maintains the Wikipedia in the air, the failure was due to overheating of European site servers. To protect data, they turned off automatically. In doing so, the redundancy system which is in Florida, USA, took action. However, the DNS needed to be changed and why the delay in the update. All versions are now back in the air.