Winter Hats Trend

An accessory that has long been in disuse by the most popular layers of the globe can now return to circulate making the days and our streets more charming, we are talking about the hats, some women have adopted the accessory for a few decades, but especially on hot days. To compose more sophisticated looks various socialites have worn their hats for some time, in combination with tailleur we can observe many madams with their graceful hats. In movies especially those involving wealthy people as main characters we can also see that women wear hats of different modeling, it’s a rather retro-chic mood, the fact is that they have arrived and we can take advantage of this new trend. Check below the trend of winter hats 2011 that we selected as tip.

Here at, hats come with everything and are a trend for winter 2011. They were already present in the summer of 2011 and they were devastated, so they will be present in winter 2011. The 2011 winter hats complete any look, and are great for winter, as they are a charm more, transforming a simple basic black into a sophisticated production and with a super personal touch. Everyone knows that fashion revolves in circles and over time it rescues some trends from the past or creates new timeless pieces, in fact there are things that never go out of style, such as hats, the models of hats in winter 2011 are only more modern and bold, we can say perfected that some of the more traditional models, these alas continue with everything.

Hats were always worn by many people in winter to keep their heads warmer, but hats were not the highlight of winter looks, however, in 2011 hats are super trend. The most suitable hats for the winter are the models made in wool, leather, felt and velvet. The Panama model hats, which were prominent in summer 2011 is not very suitable for the colder seasons, but can go out on the streets in the winter days, however sun should be shining. The colors that will tend in winter 2011 hats are sober, both dark and light, such as beige, black, ivory, white, among others. They can easily be combined with suits, blazers and even jeans, if you want to create a more daring look. The Arezzo brand is one of those that invested strong in the trend of hats for that winter of 2011, as well as other great brands.

We can not forget that not all people like hats, anyway there are also those who do not find a model suited to their face shape and since the fashion is some super democratic there is a way for that person to also become fashionable, use another type of accessory in the head, as in the case of burrows and berets.Burrows and berets as well as hats will also be strong trend in winter 2011, super romantic accessories covering the ears, in case you also want to warm them, is to attach the useful to the pleasant. Thinking about leaving you much more beautiful and on whet your creativity to assemble your looks we brought some combinations that you can make with hats, berets and burrows to make your winter production much more beautiful check it out.

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