With The DNA Headphones, Monster Changes Course

After the test of the Inspiration of the brand helmet, discover today another new Monster, which is located in the exact opposite in terms of design. As Inspiration in opulent comfort, as DNA is a young and dynamic musiclover. 

It has been designed in collaboration with the legendary Funk Earth Wind and Fireband, no less! The DNA is a closed typeheadphone and foldableheadphone. It comes in a packaging treated also includes a carrying case, a cloth for cleaning and 2 cables, one with remote control compatible mobile devices Apple. These 2 cables are flat section, and designtangle.

Complete break with the habits of the middle of the helmet, the Monster sports headphones triangular shape, surprising at first, but finally integrated. On the model tested, the blue color associated with the light gray of the padding of the arch and the Atria gives a rather nice and original result. Manufacturing seems quality, and the materials used give a feeling of solidity. Monster communicates on the fact that it is studied to not suffer the transport in a bag or heavy use. There are two input jacks on headphones. The DNA has indeed the Music Share technology which allows you to chain up to 5 headsets compatible to share the same title. On the skull, it is comfortable and pressure on the ears is constant but not excessive. Note a good sound insulation, before even for sending music, while it has no active noise reduction system, a good thing.

Connected the nomad Player Cowon Z2, we begin this listening session with the remix of “This is Love” version of Will I Am. Alternating with headphones in the same range of price but very different philosophy, the B & W P3, the Monster is more “punchy” with a larger volume of felt. The treble and the bass are more highlighted, which fits perfectly to this type of music. The titles give the subjective impression of greater speed. Not really neutral, the DNA is not in the cartoon and does not attack the eardrums. For the next song, “Let’s Groove” of Earth Wind and Fire itself logically. The DNA showed up particularly at ease on this track as on other securities Funk, cameo to Funkadelic. It is looping and listening is nice as well as obvious.

On the other hand, on most acoustic music, the DNA marking time. The grave seems too opulent and smothered the medium. So on the “Brand New Music” of Ben Sidran, the voice of the singer is indented and bandwidth is at low frequencies, reducing de facto listening pleasure. Income to a musical style more in keeping with his sound aesthetic, the compilation Electro-Rap ElectroCypher – to does not mention-, the colors foundDNA. It sends sec, if you allow me the expression, the DNA like modern music, more no doubt. Note that after a few hours of listening, feels a warm-up of the ears, unfortunately frequent on well insulated helmets. What do you want to, we can’t have butter, the money of the butter and the dairy!

Musically less versatile that his big brother Inspiration, the DNA has many strengths, which include its manufacturing quality, his good sound insulation, its design that comes out off the beaten path and its friendliness in the chainant with other headphones Music Share. If you are fan of Funk, rap, electro etc, please, listen! You may walk away with.