Womens Olive Green Khaki Pants

Some time ago, I described a few list of autumnal credit my garment and yet kaapistani uupuvia procurement for cooler weather. Among these acquisitions were also found khaki green pants, which has already been sought since last autumn with cats and dogs.

Several panties I’ve already during this period fit in the booth pulled my leg, but always either a color or pattern is not responsible for the image of and I am with pursed-up lips returned the pants on the shelf. Zara finally found the perfect skinny-shaped specimens, but the right size did not seem to be found, then no! Until now finally on Monday deals are rotating, when I was the almost forgotten 🙂

In my mind I already have many, many twin-sets in case of casement and they immediately grabbed the paper bags leg early in the week when I left still handle things. These are always fun variation for the blue or black jeans, and how well the khaki-green to dark blue suits, white or cognac brown with! Friend visit to the Cable-knit blazers and feet ballerinas, boots, sneakers … You name it! his trousers is though how many 🙂

I did a few inspiration collage, what kind of costumes themselves combine with these pants, but return to them next time 🙂 How is it, if it resonated with khaki pökät? Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂