World’s Third Largest Spam Network Goes Down

The number of spam that comes to your email should decrease in the coming days. The world’s third largest spam network, responsible for 18% of the volume of electronic waste, went off the air this week after an international operation involving providers and domain administrators.

The Grum spam network was made up of about 120,000 zombie computers around the world. Infected machines were controlled by a small group of servers located in Panama, Russia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. These servers firing commands to the machines of unsuspecting users to send spam. As unwanted messages were sent by the connections of the victims, not the servers Grum, it was more difficult to discover the source IPs.

The FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab succeeded, after three days of operation, take down Dutch and Panamanians servers in the early hours of Tuesday (17). After the Ukrainian machines were falling until, on Wednesday afternoon (18), the Grum finally went off the air. The number of IPs that sent spam daily fell from 120,000 to 21,000.FireEye believes that this number will continue to decline over time.

Spammers, the company sent a friendly message: “Stop sending us spam. We do not need your cheap Viagra or fake Rolex. Do something else, work at Subway or McDonald’s, or sell hot dogs, but do not send us spam.” Amen.