YouTube Releases Live Stream for Channels with More Than Thousand Subscribers

YouTubers Brazil, your work has just become cool! Or some, at least. It is that YouTube added a novelty to the channels that have spent the thousand subscribers: they can make live broadcasts by the site. And soon, more will fit.

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is. There is already something like the Hangout Google +, which is transmitted by YouTube and can be stored on your channel.

However, the live streaming that is available now is more “professional”, similar to that used in events such as concerts and sports broadcasts. It supports more than one camera adjusts image quality to other resolutions and devices and allows the videographer to put closed captioning and announcements.

To enable the feature, just access the resource panel of your account. If you have more than one thousand subscribers, the option to do so appears on the bottom of the page. Then, just follow the step by step to put its first broadcast in the air.

Brazil is one of the most active countries on YouTube. We have several video producers to publish their creations on the social network, as Parafernalha, Fried Rooster and the Funds door , that are successful enough to arouse the interest of “traditional media” (aka TV and printed newspaper). We are second in number of independent channels and more than one million subscribers. We also showed up among the 10 fastest growing countries on Youtube and the 10 largest audience of the site.

So there is plenty of potential for the live broadcast on YouTube here. The news should give strength to further diversify the production of videos in Brazil and result in very interesting products. Do not you think?