YouTube Wants You to Be Who Moderate The Videos and Reviews of The Platform

Having millions of videos each day must be one daunting task of moderation for YouTube, since despite having algorithms that are part of the dirty work, it is necessary that there is a human behind to make sure that everything is in order. And if to this we add the comments of each video, then the task becomes impossible for those in charge of the platform.

Therefore, YouTube wants to take advantage of one of the most valuable assets of the platform: the community. YouTube is calling for volunteers to be part of an interesting experiment called ‘YouTube Heroes’, It is a kind of ‘collective platform of moderation’, where each person will help where is the most complex task in the platform.

‘YouTube Heroes’: does moderating trolls trolls?

These heroes of YouTube should be regular users of the platform, nothing corporate channels, only people with name and face, who will be in charge of Mark inappropriate content both videos in the comments, that they will have the power to add titles to videos that do not have it, descriptions and even subtitles if they are in another language, they will be part of the YouTube team within the support forums where will be responsible to answer questions from the community.

Participate in the program is free of charge, and although YouTube is not offering economic compensation if It will be offering “benefits” all these heroes, which consist in going up in level to access various functions that translate into greater power within the platform, as well as access to exclusive workshops, product launches, as well as to test functions on YouTube before that everyone.

The heroes will have its own control panel to watch videos and do their job, that they participate in meetings known as “Hero hangouts” where platicarán with the YouTube staff about the various strategies for improving the content of the platform.

YouTube Heroes is open to any user of the platform that is not a company or brand, that has a valid channel and is of legal age. Certainly an attractive idea that we’ll see how it works, since it will still have to see who will be moderating the moderator, Since in this case we are talking about millions of potential people where certainly there will be some troll seeking to have fun.