ZTE Axon Watch Review

Chinese brand has brought its first smart watch in the MWC and these are our impressions

Last year the smartwatch came strongly to the MWC, but this year the effect seems to have faded and most manufacturers have brought new products presented a few months or the same models last year ago. Among the smartwatch that have been announced more recently found the Axon Watch , the first smart watch company ZTE has not yet reached the market and the price is unknown.

ZTE Axon Watch

We have had the opportunity to approach the ZTE booth and see firsthand if the Axon Watch leaves mimas feelings in person than on the renderings released to date. When we close its shape and design we find extremely familiar to all those brands that before ZTE have also opted for the spherical watches: Moto 360, Huawei Watch or even Haier of which I will discuss in another article.


When you decide to enter a segment so competed as the circular smartwatch you must offer something different or, at least, that the quality of construction and materials highlight above the rest. Unfortunately, the Axon Watch is neither one nor the other, stays in one smartwach circular design with a little care and a thickness horrifies. Just to give you an idea of how it is worn on the wrist by a photograph here we leave her profile.

In addition, the model that we could test the Axon Watch had a strange combination of silver with gold who did no favors as a whole, but further increased the feeling of “cheap” clock. Its specifications are not bad, are placed on the market average, although its real lack is the operating system.

Axon ZTE Watch Specifications

  • Metal sphere of 42mm
  • 4-inch AMOLED screen with 400 x 400 pixels
  • 5 mm thick
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 1.2 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 4 GB of internal storage
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer and heart rate sensor
  • GPS and Bluetooth 4.1 connections
  • IP67 certified waterproof and earth
  • Tencent OS as an operating system
  • ZTE official definitions: abbreviationfinder.org

As we can see, it is not bad specs but the operating system itself Tencent OS is a big limitation , and not by the supply of third – party applications, but for their future support and an interface that should improve light years if you are sharing minimally with Android Wear. In short, the Axon Watch is a simple smartwatch that offers nothing new, with a design and lower than competing materials and with an operating system with few guarantees. Now is the price to see if the Axon Watch has any chance in the market.

What do you think about it?