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Electronic Circuits Review

Introduction This Theory I will open a new world on your knowledge ¾ the world of Electronics. She will teach you what you are electronic circuits and explain the meanings of current , electric voltage and electrical resistance. You will also, gradually, the most important types of components used in the Assembly of electronic circuits. After the understanding…
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Preparing to Breastfeed

P1. Why Breastfeeding Is Considered The Best Way To Feed A Baby? Breast milk is the perfect food that nature prepares for babies. Contains all the vitamins, nutrients, fats and properties of immune system stimulation that the child needs. Dozens of studies have confirmed the benefits of breastfeeding and are constantly published new studies. Take a look at some of the most important topics. Breastfeeding has the ability to:-stimulate the baby’s intelligence. -protect your baby from diarrhea, respiratory problems and ear infections. -reduce the risk of the baby developing obesity, allergies and…
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