Tested: Products Clairol for Styling Hair Male

I tested not one, but two products from the Clairol Professional geared to the styling of hair male, the Shift Matt Mud and the Fiber Transformation. If you are looking for alternatives to improve your hairstyle and taming the locks, now has two more options with affordable price and good quality. But let’s get to more important it is to talk about the experience with the products:

Tested Products Clairol for Styling Hair Male

Shift Matt Mud – Clairol Professional

This is a wax effect “mate”, that is, nothing of the hair with a glow of artificial and oily. Despite being classified as a product of fixing the median, it worked well in my hair, mainly in the part of the front that tends to be more difficult in my case. Visually it leaves an effect of matte satin very beautiful, similar to that achieved with some products that price well higher. The styling is easy and smooth, allowing you to play with your hair even after the hairstyle is ready, without getting sticky, a disadvantage of the wax with effect glue, for example. If you have a negative point is the smell!Not enough to bother you, but could be better.

Application: place a small amount in palm, distribute it in two hands and apply on dry hair, modeling soon followed. Can also be used just to give texture.

Suggested retail price: $43,35 (75 ml)

Note: product manufactured in Italy.


Fiber Transformation – Clairol Professional

This wax fiber has fixing extra strong, but oddly it didn’t work as well on me as the Shift Matt Mud , and, in my view, this only shows how much each hair has its own particularities. The product is more viscous, like an ointment, which seems to have the same effect as a gel at first, but as you’ll be modeling it puts everything in place and gives a good fixing, with effect very natural and nice touch. Also do not press the scent, but once applied the smell becomes unnoticeable.

Application: for damp hair emulsifique a small amount into the hands, by modeling the wire soon then. For dry hair you can spread by rubbing your hands and then separate them to create the fibers and to obtain a effect more textured, applying then to model.

Suggested price: R$38,25 (75 ml)

Note: product manufactured in France.