Fishing Bologna

Bolognese fishing is defined as fishing with telescopic reed and reel has a huge popularity in Italy, where it originated. 

In Portugal, as in other countries, it is a technique that has not penetrated the habits of the majority of fishermen, namely in the competition, being limited to a resource fishery in certain adverse situations for other techniques such as French and English.  Continue reading

Fishing Techniques


In essence, your Surf Casting aims to fishing on the beach in case of raging sea. The “surfcasting” launch on need to surf beaches characterized by a large cut of your profile and volatility high frequencies of sea. These are the conditions that some of the fish look for food. With a good swell, the waters are well oxygenated and the bottom of the beach is enough to fold the fish to forage for food. For this type of fishing is not enough to have a good technique and good material; Although essential, is far more important to practice, the observation of the sea and the accumulation of experience. A fisherman to beach to get good results, has a good carbon rod, a reel with good wire exit, uses appropriate lines to the coil and can put the sinker away from the beach. Continue reading

Fishing Feather

Flyfishing or fly fishing is based on the use of artificial flies as bait-based catch. There are reports of its use in China in 2000 BC. The modern fly fishing appears mainly as a catch modality for trout and salmon, in the 20th century its use extends to other species being used for fishing in the sea. This very technical method consists of basing the bait on the water in order to enhance the catch, it requires some practice and technique as well as the visualization of the fish (usually when walking near the surface). The main difference for other techniques is mainly the line, heavy enough to send the boom to the desired location. In Portugal, in addition to the classic trout (with few catching places), it can be used in fishing for pike, barbel, boga, escalo, black bass, carp. Captures of species such as carp and barbel feeding on small insects and larvae or pike and bass that feed on small fish, frogs, etc., require the feather to simulate their food. The same technique can be used in the sea to catch fish such as garfish, tamarin or even sea bass when it walks on the surface feeding on small fish. Continue reading

Fishing Hazards

As an outdoor pastime is a great way to reduce day-to-day anxiety, however, failure to comply with some basic safety rules often compromise a well-spent day.There are regular reports of accidents, many of which can be avoided if safety rules are adopted.
A great number of accidents are due to the fact that the fisherman neglects its safety to the detriment of the fishery, they choose unsafe places that know to have fish, this negligence has victimized some fishermen with some experience. Continue reading

Fishing Lines

The sport fisherman, when fishing with cane, brings back the fish with the line.The line is therefore of particular importance. The quality and good use and adaptation for the type of fishing and fish to fish is of special importance. The line (fishing line) is fundamental never neglect this factor.


The diameter, thickness, gauge or thickness of the line is the millimeters in diameter of the line, there are some infrequent cases in which this value is given in inches. In lines of the same type, the larger diameter will provide greater resistance, meaning it will withstand a greater weight. The greater the diameter of the line, the greater its resistance to wear, the frictional throws in the reed are of smaller distance. At the time of the choice it is necessary to decide if much line or a lot of resistance. The larger the diameter the greater the resistance, the shorter the line length, the smaller the amount of line the carriage can take. Continue reading

Fashion Plus Size Tips

Every woman likes to dress well, does not she? It is not because you are overweight you can not enjoy thefashionable clothes . Just like thin women, chubby women can also wear all that fashion has. Fashion is for everyone, including women who are overweight. Contrary to what many people think, they do not have to live in black, they can use other colors, including prints. Continue reading

12 Weeks You Are Pregnant

SSW 12: You are 12 weeks and a certain number of days pregnant! Some call it the 13th week of pregnancy. (Find out more about the calculation of your week of pregnancy.)

How your baby in this SSW developed

I changed the face of your baby in the belly. His eyes, initially far apart standing, are now closer to the nose, while the ears almost on the side of the head are – and always closer to their final destination.

By contrast, tissues and organs are already formed, but they grow and further divided.
Continue reading

Pearls: How to Match Your Style

Pearl Jewelry are a classic that never go out of fashion and that increasingly have reached space on beauty accessories that complement a variety of looks. The pearls can let any sleek, feminine and sophisticated.

Although they are associated with more traditional looks, it is possible to create different compositions with these jewels and make modern and current combinations. Want to know how to include the pearls in your visual and learn to vary your production with the help of this accessory? So come with us. Continue reading

Engagement Announcement Etiquette

According to tradition, before the wedding, there’s an engagement announcement usually done during a reception organized by the bride’s family.

During this event the boyfriend gives the engagement ring to his beloved, thereby making official the wedding vows. Even the girlfriend should reciprocate by donating a precious loved one (for example a gold watch).

Other gesture, certainly very appreciated in the past and more engaging for families, was asking for “the hand” of the beloved father of the bride. Continue reading

How to Buy Apps on Iphone?

Until recently, the Brazilian App Store did not offer games for Brazil.This happened thanks to our bureaucracy in the question of age classification for games.Now the thing is different and it is already possible to make purchases in the Brazilian App Store without having to do the tricks and tricks to have access to several of those favorite games by the North American App Store. Continue reading

10 Clips of Tie To Buy Online

Tie bars, tie clips, tie fasteners, no matter what you call them, the truth is that with the popularization of casual formal ties+mix won featured, leaving to be the complement of this suit to be an item that lends your style for the elegant man’s casual clothes and, within this new panorama, fasteners returned to the spotlight with a multitude of options. We’ve selected 10 of them that can please since anyone looking for something quiet to those who want a striking piece, see below: Continue reading

Melissa 2013 Footwear Collection

You like shoes comfortable, modern, beautiful and which attract all eyes? Then you close your look and makes it perfect for that party or Club, that you like to visit the new Footwear Collection Melissa 2013? We’re kicking this collection! In many years the Grendene, brand that manufactures and Mrs. Melissa line, wasn’t a so chic, beautiful, models, colors and textures so comfortable that you will desire to take is all home!

But after all, who is Melissa? Melissa is a line of women’s footwear that Grendene created in the late 70 and made huge success releasing the plastic shoes were cheap, beautiful, comfortable and easy to clean and use. Then Melissa’s has grown and has been innovating, creating multiple collections, including a whole pumpkin for girls a lot of style. See and learn a little more about the new Footwear Collection Melissa 2013 and be sure to check this news Grendene prepared for you! Continue reading

Overlaps With Vasity Jacket

One of the advantages of winter is that the range of menswear options opens a way exciting, after all the summer doesn’t leave much room for creativity if we take into consideration the fact that I rarely use more than a t-shirt and jeans. Therefore, the image of this week is a great example of the possibilities brought by winter parts and combinations and overlays them. Continue reading

Denim Jacket: Bet in Play and Work on Production

Since someone decided to pick up the jeans and make a jacket to him, the play has become a wild card in the closet and never came out of fashion. Practical and versatile, it’s hard to think of another piece of overlap that can be as well used as the denim jacket.

When it appeared, the play scored pop rock, ranging from Visual Basic models and the heavier with thumbtacks pointed. With more squares and wide, men and women bet on good looking jackets. With time and for our luck, this modeling was changing and today composes any visual. Continue reading

Tips For Using Plastic Sandals

Everyone, when going out for any corner, must carry a footwear, correct? Many people like to use some kind of footwear within their own residences. But why so much importance to an object which is not so repaired?

The importance of Footwear in A fashion production

Some people judge the shoes as an accessory, an adorner, something only to complement the production. The footwear is more than that. A footwear choice can retain itself all the fun out of the look, as if it’s pretty bad timing can lead to production below. There was a time when the shoes had the function of protecting the feet, but today he has as a major aesthetic functions and, especially, social status. Continue reading