Your Child’s Toys in Christmas

I’m going to tell you a secret: I never give Leo all the presents he gets. Always have any repeated or very similar to what you already have, so rather than change and fill the room keep toy to donate to other children. So, on special occasions, such as children’s day, Christmas etc, I submit these shiny new products and stored with both affection for donation.

This year, Leo toys donated to the campaign “in joke”promoted by Disney-Pixar. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Country Boots

You’re country and not give up a boot country figured, surely you must know that, in addition to last longer, have a quality far above that of other common boots, providing comfort for those pants.

Understand and identify all parts of footwear, whether of boots for women, as men, can make all the difference when choosing your ideal model, the one that most suits the your day to day and your lifestyle. Continue reading

Sum Up Support

Due to the diversity of devices that use the Android system, we did not test all the options available in the market.  On our website, we provide a list of compatible devices.To check if yours is compatible, click here.
However, you can purchase the player and test it on your device to see if it is a compatible device or not!  Continue reading

Learn How to Choose a Cheap Tablet

Many readers send in questions about good and cheap tablets.

To start: you will hardly find good tablets for less than 500 reais.

And it’s no use just searching the list of settings to try to find out if it has quality or not.

Take this example: not a month ago Acer launched a tablet with the incredible resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.Even so, many users are already complaining that the device hangs a lot.The problem, it seems, would be in the processor, unsuitable for screen resolution. Continue reading

Belly Dancers Jewelry in Paris

I decided to mount a full post with tips of Paris. Not only mine, but also all I could gather from friends who were visited and recommended.
Tips for all tastes!


L’avenue : Av Montagne corner Bar go to day sit on the porch eating crispy duk and take BilcecarSalmon. Good food, modern environment.

La Cantine Du Faubourg: super cool, nice for dinner. Continue reading

The Huawei Watch in the Kurztest

The Smart watches is such a thing – Despite numerous attempts by some manufacturers to make the smart watches for years, it was really only with the appearance of Android Wear . This is almost 1.5 years ago, but the entire wearable market is still in the children’s shoes. Dull or untarnished design, poor battery recharge times, small functions and above all…. Are the partly high prices actually?

Now comes the “watch” from Huawei in the game, which at least in terms of design is so far the best interpretation of a smartphone manufacturer for the connection between a classic clock and the modern “Everything must be smart” concept. For me at least. Continue reading

Basic Parts Used Creatively around the World

Moscow, Tokyo, London, Paris … Let’s take a look around the world and look for inspiration to restart the most traditional pieces in the closet.

Trends are always the stars of street style, but fashionistas also know how to use the basics like no one else.Taking a spin on the world by looking for the most common pieces in the wardrobe can be an injection of style and creativity for your day-to-day life – even more so if you’re off the beaten path, including Moscow and Tokyo.Check below how some countries incorporate classic pieces and get inspired! Continue reading

Review Apple EarPods

The new Apple headphones are featured on the iPhone 5 and next generation nano and touch iPods.But are the successors of the earbuds worth the investment?

EarPods, new Apple headphones, were unveiled at an event that was also marked by the introduction of the new generation of iPods and the iPhone 5. Therefore, they left the impression that they would be amazing headphones, following the high technology of the other gadgets shown on occasion.But is the accessory of the apple company really superior to the other headphones available in the market? Continue reading

Meet the 3 Smart Watches Released Today

See gallery of images, specifications, features and features of devices from Samsung, Sony and Qualcomm

Smart watches came with everything on the market.On the same day, three new models were introduced: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, Sony’s SmartWatch 2, and Qualcomm’s Toq.See below the specifications, features and images of the devices. Continue reading

Modular Android Smart watch Already a Success

BLOCKS is the first modular Android Smart watch and is quite reminiscent of the Project Ara , now you can support the project financially. But you really do not really have to, because BLOCKS is already extremely successful and at the time of the article has already doubled the required financing. With only 5 dollars you are already there, starting at 195 dollars you get a watch after the production (with normal bracelet). The bracelet is awesome at blocks, because this is expanded by the individual links with technology according to your own wishes. Continue reading

Tips on How to Take Care of Oily Skin

Tips on how you should take care of your oily skin.

Keeping skin beautiful and healthy is no simple task, especially if it is oily. Oily skin is caused by excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands and affects 80-90% of young women, see some tips on how to care for oily skin. The first   How to care for oily skin is the  Cleaning. Continue reading

Samsung Announces Galaxy Smart phone Note II, with 5.5-Inch Screen

New version of the smart phone, announced in pre-show event, is released with Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean and new features for Stylus pen

Samsung announced on Wednesday (29), at an event before the opening of the IFA, one of the largest electronics fairs in Europe, the second version of the smart phone Galaxy Note. With a slightly larger screen, 5.5 inches, the new smart phone runs Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean, the latest operating system released by Google. The new product will come to Europe, Asia and the Middle East in October. Continue reading

Lg Watch R: Wlan Functions Come, Only a Little Later

With the latest Android Wear 5.1 Smart watches get access to their own WLAN module and can connect themselves automatically to well-known WLAN networks. The direct connection to the smart phone is then no longer necessary, because the transmission of data is done instead of Bluetooth via the Google Cloud. All wondered now why the still current G Watch R LG*does not have WLAN, although it has the Snapdragon 400 platform. Continue reading

Samsung Game Pad Turns Your Smart phone in Video Games

With similar videogame controls design, accessory is ideal for racing games, shooting and platform

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the games are among the most popular types of applications on smart phones. And that popularity only increases with the screens get bigger and increasingly powerful processors included in latest smart phones. Continue reading

Wedding Long for Civil Wedding Dresses

Wedding hello, how are you? Well i hope you will get good health. In this new article, i have decided to show you several pictures of wedding dresses long for civil weddings. In addition, i’m going to benefit the opportunity to show you some tips so you know to choose the perfect for your wedding dress marriage civil. So you don’t miss what’s next.

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding for civil wedding dress

Then i show you some tips and advice so you know to choose the perfect wedding dress for your civil marriage.

Continue reading

Apple Watch

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch was available. It is to bring the Smart watch market, which has been missing in the past year. Of course, the expectations are high, Apple could also smart phones, MP3 players and tablets large-scale make the mass palatable. With the Watch you will also stand out from the competition, which starts with the operating system. Continue reading