Brother Printer Cartridges Refill

Instructions for refilling of Brother printer cartridges

Our QuickFill ink cartridges for brother printers are very easy to fill. We offer these cartridges for the LC-970 / LC-1000 and for the newer cartridge series LC-980 and LC1100 . This brother cartridges you will find two rubber plug that you can easily pull out with your fingers. The colored plugs is in the filling opening. Through this filling openings fill the refill ink into the cartridge with a syringe. The second plug is transparent and closes the ventilation hole. Our brother QuickFill cartridges show the correct ink levels. The level is measured by a mechanical lever inside the cartridge. Best use our brother refill ink, the quality of our refill ink is outstanding. Of course you can also your original or compatible printer cartridges filling with our ink, that is much more cumbersome than with our special brother QuickFill cartridges. Continue reading

Humble Mobile Bundle 21: Goat Simulator, Sage Solitaire, _PRISM and More at Bargain Prices

At this point you should already know the famous Humble Bundle: a bundle of games – and sometimes applications – you can get with very little money. You can pay what you want, though depending on the amount you will get more or less games. Humble Mobile Bundle is, as its name suggests, the version of the package aimed at mobile and already reaches the Edition twenty-first.

Paying a dollar get games Westport Independent, _PRISM and Sage Solitaire (Premium). If you pay more than the average, now same are 5.09 dollars, amounts to the list Ghosts of Memories and Door Kickers. 6 dollars you get also Twofold and Goat Simulator. Later other games that will be yours even if you buy the package until they are announced will be included. Continue reading

The Wardrobe Cornerstones-The Off-White Pants

There are few garments that better represents spring and summer than a pair of white pants. A garment that can provide an incredible elegance but also a lot of problems. We have looked at how we find a pair of white pants shall be, what to consider when buying a few and some examples on how neat it can actually be. Continue reading

Do You Need an Umbrella?

Already in the XVI century umbrella is considered accessory that can afford only rich lady. Their pride and admiration. Today female umbrella – is a frequent guest and fashion collections. In the autumn necessary thing, so by creating a modern image and use of new stylistic solutions, designers do not forget the umbrella, which should be fully compliant with current trends. Continue reading

Shoes Lace Up: Another Trend of the 2016

If the other day you talk shoes slippers, one of the trends this spring, today touches make it about up shoes, lace them what come to be a heel shoes tied, in the Spanish of all life. The laced up shoes will mark the trend of spring summer 2016. So you see making them a hole in your wardrobe. I am sure that any one you fall in love. Continue reading

Dan The Man, The Addictive Game from The Creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride Retro Platforms

In 2010 the animation Studio Studio Joho launched on YouTube Dan The Man, a short animation film that became a viral – getting more than 8 million reproductions-what did that by 2013 it became in WebSeries with total seven episodes.

The WebSeries Dan The Man is parody of the classic platform games. Starring a young karateka, its chapters tell the adventures and dangers that must live to save his Princess. As well, the web series It has become a game in its episode 8. Continue reading

Glove Spotting 16/17 Episode 1

Approaching the 2017 and return with force with gloves posts to sections star, one of which further support our particular GLOVE SPOTTINGhad always. And what better way that take a look at gatekeepers of our leagues and competitions like the Copa del Rey, where goalkeepers with less prominence show us its novelties. With all of you, back, our GLOVE SPOTTING!! Continue reading

Pokemon GO Medals Will Serve for Something in The Future

These last few days have been rather busy in Niantic throwing the game in the rest of the globe still had their ration. Yesterday was launched in some 30 African countries since that would include other countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East earlier this month. That Yes, it still has a few important missing (China, India, Korea, Russia).

In any case, in Niantic have had time to also work on new features, and has announced on its Facebook feature star that we hope to see soon in your next update. Is it the expected exchange of Pokemon, the coaches or the multiple selection of Pokemon battles? Because they are not, bonus for capture specific types of Pokemon to get the appropriate medals. Continue reading

Pentax WG-10 Test

Pentax completes its range of compact outdoor cameras down. For a price of 200 euros (may 2013) has a lot to offer the new Pentax WG-10, shows how in the test.

Indicates the appearance of the Pentax WG 10: “can I get take me times hard take, I’m tough”. The many ribs and stiffening edge and of course the choice of materials show effect. Due to its design, the compact camera and mechanically significantly more stable than their relationship although better, but also softer is good to keep. The body of this digital camera is not new but also, the waterproof Pentax predecessor models of the same new WG-10 optically clear. Continue reading

The Banner 2 Saga, Is Now on Sale at Google Play The Sequel to The Acclaimed and Beautiful Role-Playing Game

Two years ago our devices became one of the most beautiful sagas of video games and one of the best tactical games of recent years with The Banner Saga, which was hailed by the critics and users, receiving numerous awards.

Now the study Stoic Studio and Distributor Versus Evil they bring us finally to our mobile devices its expected and great sequel that debuted last April on PC. The Banner 2 Saga is already on sale in Google Play the price of 5,49 EUR. Continue reading