What is the Ideal Age for Children to Have Smartphone?

Positivo announced a new smartphone. So far, nothing too. Unless it appears with a new brand or promote one of these devices with funk the temptation is just another ordinary news in the competitive news technology. What draws attention in this new model is the audience that it is intended: children.

The Positive Kids is at most half a smartphone mouth. It has only 512MB of RAM, meager 4GB of internal space, runs the archaic Android 4.4 and perhaps a pioneer in the world, a front camera of higher resolution than the main – 5 to 2 megapixels. It has 3G connectivity, 5.5-inch screen who knows what resolution and battery 2100 mAh. Leaves the factory with protective cover on the lion format that integrates with an animated wallpaper, plus a few extra apps like WeSafe, which allows parents to monitor the small user location, and games.It costs $699, which probably makes it the worst value for money in the domestic market.

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ASUS Launches Zenfone Max with Giant Battery

Taiwanese ASUS is ready with a new ZenFone Max, which saves on a gigantic battery on dizzying 5,000 mAh-twice as large as many of its competitors.

If you are struggling with poor battery life on your smartphone, ASUS ‘ latest model, no doubt, do away with the problem.

ASUS promises at an event in India revealed ZenFone Max, which is a new mid-range smartphone that comes equipped with a huge battery. All 5,000 mAh hides in the new ASUS smartphone. In other words, you have twice the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge and 66% greater than LG G4. Continue reading

Reflex, Flexible Smartphone Prototype Video

The future of mobile is in this project: reaching the highest resolution possible on display and now computing power close to that of low-end laptops, manufacturers will have to go towards new hardware and flexible models are among the most exciting. The prototype developed by scientists at the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University is called ReFlex, has a fantastic Panel Flexible OLED from LG with a resolution of 720 p and runs on Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Best Antifouling Paint for Boats

As spring presents itself is high time for boat owners to carry out the necessary maintenance before the boat is launched.Underwater ship gets tough time during the season and it is therefore important to properly protect the area below the waterline on the boat. Antifouling is a water color according to your boat properly protected. But what antifouling is required, given the type of ships and sailing, and where you should look for when applying the paint?

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Overview: Windows 10 New and Many Leak of Upcoming Topmobiler

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Windows 10 is less than 10 days old, but a majority of users are reporting even now that they are more than satisfied with Microsoft’s latest software.

Last piece of the software giant remains undisturbed Windows 10 plans, is the mobile part. This week yielded more reports clue as to what we may get to see from Microsoft in the fall.

First leaked photos of the new Windows topmobil
When Microsoft will replace Lumia 930 flagship, will be the new star with two phones. See the first pictures here. Continue reading

ASUS Z2 Gaming Smartphone

An expert designer of concept phone named Hege has published a number of interesting images depicting a hypothetical future device made by ASUS for gamers “extremes”.

ASUS Z2 Poseidon – this is the name of the concept smartphone – turns out to be well “designed” both outside and inside the body: the device is available in anodized aluminium in brushed aluminium with ASUS logo engraved on the back, each of which comes in three different colors. Continue reading

HTC’s Second-Quarter Showing Large Losses to Be Saved

HTC has very red numbers for the second quarter of 2015, new and more trendy devices as well as savings should help them.

HTC’s results for the second quarter paint a somewhat depressing picture of the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer. HTC One M9 should have been the big draw, but has not pulled anything other than red lines on the bottom line.

HTC has reported a loss of no less than 161 million dollars, a figure that stands in strong contrast to the just under 76 million dollars the company earned in the same period last year. Turnover has fallen very dramatically to 1.04 billion dollars which is almost half of the 2 billion dollars reported for the same period last year. Continue reading

Spotted Two New Smartphones Sony Xperia Range 2016

Begin the first sightings related to new smartphone Sony Xperia 2016 range. Through the Indonesian site Postel, two terminal codes were called Sony F5122 and F3116. How to remember the most attentive, the first letter used in acronyms Sony indicates the year of arrival, in fact all terminals of 2015 had the letter and in your initials, those of 2014 the and so on.

The other digits, instead, indicate the range of membership and any variants, so it is quite easy to identify the new F5122 as the successor of the current Xperia T3 (D51XX). Recall that T3 is a mid-range device features a 720 p HD display, 1 GB of RAM and processor from 5.3 “quad core 1.4 GHz. The device did not receive a successor in 2015, so it’s reasonable to expect that Sony is ready to reinvigorate its mid-range with a worthy heir. Continue reading

First Look at Huawei Nexus?

This is possibly the first look at the upcoming Nexus model made by Huawei.

The anticipated Nexus 2015 unit has not been so well-liked by leak as we could hope, but now we may have a short video of what’s in store from Huawei when the next Nexus device must be presented. The video comes from Steve Hemmer substances which normally is very active with regard to release new information about upcoming devices.

The device works by first glance, reasonable generic but have a square sensor on the back for fingerprints and a large sensor camera with Flash on top. There appears no immediate some speakers on the back as far as I can see, so there is a possibility that it will be equipped with front speaker.
Unfortunately nothing about the story that the report specifically should be Nexus device we are talking about, it can also be a new Honor unit which will be presented tomorrow, but this rumored to have a pop-up camera device in the video which is not equipped with.

The specifications for the Huawei Nexus should be 5.7 inch WQHD AMOLED display, done in a piece of metal, 21 .1MP Sony IMX230 camera sensor.

Print From Mobile

According to the solution of mobile printing that we choose, we can send print jobs from a (cloud printing) e-mail account or we can print directly to a compatible printer that is connected to the same wireless network as our mobile device, smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Many current printers now include wireless or portable devices support functions. With them we can connect our smartphone and print directly viawifi, Bluetooth, or NFC, but what about the rest of printers that do not have these wireless features?

Conventional printers and printers ready for the cloud

A former printer must be connected to a PC with Windows, Mac, or Linux that is powered on and connected to the Internet. The new models, check the specifications of your printer, you can connect directly to the Internet, they are devices ready for use in the cloud jumping is the intermediation of the computer. The principle of “printing could”, is very simple, you can print any document from anywhere and device (pc, ipad, iphone, mac, smarthpone…). With this system, you no longer need to install drivers to connect the terminal to the printer, or have compatibility issues between your mobile device and printer. Thus, even if we are on the other side of the world can print from any mobile device that we can write an email.

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Tour of Poland 2015 Cycling

Tour of Poland 2015 will kick off on Sunday August 2nd. The final stage will be held on Saturday, August 8th. How do the driving schedule and during this World Tour event out? Which transmitter is broadcasting the Tour of Poland on TV? What the participants are on the start list for the Tour of Poland? What is the history of the Polish stage race run?

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First Look at Android Apps in Windows 10

Project Astoria should let Android applications to install on Windows Phone, watch the very beginning here.

In the context of Windows Phone, it is most often the same song about the lack of applications that are sung. Therefore, Microsoft has created Project Astoria, it should help developers easily and painlessly to port their Android apps for Windows Phone, by and large just by changing some APIs.

A few days ago was the official documentation leaked, here we could see that, among other things, that, as expected, not something must be done if your application does not support Google Play Services, and if it does, make a few modifications to. The entire documentation (47 pages) can be found here. Continue reading

Balau Wood for Your Garden Furniture?

Balau wood is the right material for your outdoor furniture? Now here’s the thing.

You’ve finally decided to take care of your garden furniture, you’re wisely opting for one of the most suitable materials and they last a long time, but have not yet clear about which one to choose.
In this post I want to talk to you about how the Balau wood garden furniture can be the right choice for you. Continue reading

Buy Camping Tent

If it is warm and the Sun is shining, campsites are booming. Camping in the wild has just its very own charm. If you want to buy a camping tent, you can find out here, what it is necessary to pay attention.

When of the summer beckons, the idea to go camping again is quickly caught. But if you want to then buy a camping tent, it is quickly overwhelmed, because the selection is huge. Better than a polyester tent is a fabric tent? For how many persons should a tent be? Should it have a tent? And how it looks with the ventilation at all? These and more questions come up to you and can decide on fun and sorrow at the tents in case of doubt. eVivam clarifies the key issues when buying a camping tent. Continue reading

TDC’ s Customer Satisfaction on the Rise

Customer satisfaction with TDC is rising and on the way back on track says Director.

Long waiting times in TDC customer service, was in 2014 to pull customer satisfaction in a negative direction. In the second quarter of 2014, 35 percent of the customers had to wait for responses for more than three minutes when they turned to TDC.

The company’s Managing Director Carsten Dilling stated that customer satisfaction should be improved, and in the second quarter of 2015 are response times over three minutes with customer service down to five percent. Continue reading

What Do You Need for Tents/Camping?

Tents / camping is exciting and this kind of vacation an adventure, especially children find appealing. For many, the most beautiful way to make holiday is sleeping in the tent, the nature and of course the simple way of life on the campground.

If you have want to get infected and even try you it is so to live on a camping site then a lot of equipment is necessary. You need not everything there is on the market for campers for the beginning, but it must be a minimum of equipment. We looked around us once you need for camping.

Camping checklist for beginners

Who would like to try camping for everything must be with, and what is crucial at the campsite it is at the beginning of difficult to plan. Who made only holidays in the hotel or an apartment for there help. Because we want to give you a checklist on hand what you need to get. Tip: Sure have enthusiastic camper that you can rent a lot for your first camping vacation in your circle of friends, which relieves the travel fund. If you still want no knowledge whether repeatedly tents rental is the better choice. Continue reading

Sony Z5 and Z5 Compact Caught on Photo

New leak shows Sony’s two new stars from new angles.

Sony created two of our sitefavorite phones last year with their two lovely and waterproof topmobiler, Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

Both phones debuted at the IFA trade fair in september 2014, and a new set of leaked photos from Twitter-account Vizileaks points to the fact that Sony would repeat the success.

Z4-name is skipped in this game to make room for Z5 and Z5 Compact. But where Z-phones so far has revolved around the same square design with a curved aluminum frame about two glass plate indicates that Sony will try it with new solutions.

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